Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And Everything Went Better Than Expected

After having been able to survive my first 20 banking days, I think I’m all set up for bigger prospects. Lol. Here’s a rundown on my teeth rotting conquests so far.

1. Within said time frame, I was able to experience working on my first quarterly reports. Well, I was more like a baggage than a free set of hands then. I have to say that the frenzy took its toll on me: I missed a lot of my regimens, I neglected all my gym sessions (my registration expired anyway) and when I got home, I hit the hay instantaneously. This actually went on for a couple of days and said stress consequently affected my work performance and lifestyle.

2. I also felt my first wake up call (I was taking too much time wallowing in ‘trainee land’) when my supervisor expressed her malcontent over my performance, albeit subtly, through her body language. I was taking too long at my daily loads (after being trained exhaustively) that for a brief moment, the entire department thought I was retarded. At least I think they did.

I realized that I had to push myself more.

So, I mustered the will to study the procedures by heart and before I knew it, I was able to finish my tasks in record time. Henceforth, I will have to be reprimanded before I take matters seriously. Lol.

3. Amid my promising progress, I still fear month ends and quarterly report preparations. I’ve never been able to fully participate on (or comprehend at the very least) said processes.

4. I’ve been blessed with the best office mates the world has had to offer so far. But then again, familiarity often breeds contempt so I’m logging my current impressions of them here before the animosity grows. Lol. Seriously though, they’re good people. Even if I can barely keep up with their technical blabber, I can definitely count on them when my struggling becomes too apparent. And although I consider myself to be culturally detached from them, our diversities do more than augment our trivia banks.

I guess that’s it so far. I’ve given myself a year long window to asses my ability to juggle law school and work and so far, it’s been fairly favorable. Here’s to hoping the good things last.



Le Artiste said...

thanks for your comment..counts a lot. hehe

Michael St. James said...

law school and a real job...WOW!