Friday, April 3, 2009

Workplace Fervor

It’s been a while (a month I presume) since I made an entry here so I guess an update is warranted.

I’ve recently started working (for 2 weeks) in an accounting center of Landbank Phils. and I have to say that I was taken aback by the sudden shift of environments (from bum to glum) that I thought my hair would fall out. This was my first take on the real world and although it shook me abruptly, said tremor was pleasantly brief.

On day 1, I was introduced to my supervisor and she apprised me, albeit not sternly, on certain ground rules that needed proper observance. The one I took at heart was her instruction on humility. She has been working on said bank for 15 years and the hint of authority in her tone didn’t exude arrogance. She practices what she preaches, I suppose.

Then and there, the challenge began.

Since I knew nothing of banking (and doing work in general) I apparently felt like a fish out of water when my colleagues started doing their jobs, hammering away at their keyboards whilst thoroughly sifting through mounds of source documents in mind warping speeds. My ignorance was apparent, my inability evident. I had to step things up a notch! I immediately tempered myself to an inquisitive mode, trying to ask the right questions in an appropriate manner. I took notes and endured.

The thing I like most about the work place is that everyone is able and willing to help one another. My office mates are impeccably polite and even the people on the higher end of the hierarchy are keen to lend a hand. This work place culture, though prone to abuse, is not something I would take for granted.

After a week or so of incessant inquiry and observation, I got the hang of it. I actually have been doing my branch’s (Matina) books recently. I realized that this work requires mad skills (analysis, speed and accuracy to wit) and just like driving, it takes time and adequate practice to master (quoting my father) . I’m hoping that it won’t end up as bad as my driving though. Hence, the work blues faded and I’ve started to enjoy the crests and troughs of working as a professional.


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Flavor said...

Hi Gil...I've remembered the time were we were like putting you in a corner, telling you what to do in your life. LOL. But I guess, it's never been a were just PICKY...and that made you achieve what you have now...:P

Proud of you!:D